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Babenkov N.D. Motor activity in human life
Babina A.A. Development of students' thinking culture in educational and training activities
Babina A.A. Role of the axiological approach in the creative design of the training process
Babina A.A., Tobolov A.A. Guiding principles in the organization of the training process: inside view
Babina А.А. Study of students' value orientations in the educational and training process
Babkin A.V. Optimization of the process of psychological readaptation of employees working for the Internal Affairs special divisions during the post extreme period
Babushkin G.D., Martemjanov B.V. Methodic of professional-applied physical preparation for experts in the sphere of forestry
Babushkin G.D., Shumilin A.P., Chikurov A.I., Sokolov A.N. Influence of psychological readiness on before starting condition and productivity of competitive activity of judoist of various qualification
Bachieva E.J., Asadulaeva F.R. System of junior school children valeological education and prospects of its development
Bachrah I.I., Gretz G.N., Zhuravleva M.G. Correction of disordered motor function among children with residual symptoms of cerebral palsy by means of adaptive physical culture – condition and perspectives
Badilin A.O. Methodological prerequisites for the development of model characteristics of curlers
Badilin A.O., Chernov D.V., Novikov D.A., Abramov D.N. Substantiation of the orientation and content of special physical training of various units of the space forces
Badilin A.O., Melnikov D.S., Shuliko Yu.V. Comparative characteristics of the competitive activity statistical analysis approaches for top-level curlers
Badilin A.O., Shuliko Yu.V. Content, tasks and features of special preparation stage preceding the main season event in sport curling game
Badilin A.O., Shuliko Yu.V. Curling stone throwing technique: factors affecting its performance
Badilin A.O., Shuliko Yu.V., Skachkov Yu.A. Modern trends and basic principles of tactics for separate end in curling sports game
Badilin A.O., Shuliko Yu.V., Skachkov Yu.A., Abramov D.N. Modern conception of strategy and tactical schemes in curling
Badrak K.A. Sledge hockey: historiography of the question
Badrak K.A., Antipov V.A., Razumahina E.G. Training of the specialists in prevention of harmful habits and anti-doping rules violation for the sports schools and fitness centers
Badrak K.A., Timchenko N.M. Problem of whistleblowing in anti-doping policy in sports at the present stage
Badrak K.A., Timchenko N.M., Kolbin T.A. Analysis of directions of humanitarian researches in the field of doping countaraction in the world sport
Bagadirova S.K. Application of training sessions in training of the athletes as means of formation of goal-setting skills
Bagadirova S.K. Experience of psychotechnics application in individual work of psychologist with the athletes to address specific psychological problems
Bagadirova S.K. Formation of the information basis of activity in the process of mastering the structure of activity by an athlete
Bagadirova S.K. Structural model of the athlete's self-realization in the conditions of judo professionalization
Bagaev M.V. Development of the organizational forms of physical culture and sports management in Petrograd-Leningrad (1920-1929)
Bagaev M.V. Rating of sports journals number in the Soviet Russia — the USSR before the Great Patriotic War (1918-1941)
Bagandov M.I., Shuaybova M.O. Readiness of the medical personnel and other categories of the population for emergency actions
Bagautdinova N.V., Dikikh E.R. About experience of organization of the practice of bachelors of the physical university with the use of distance technologies
Bagautdinova N.V., Dikikh E.R. Introduction of end-to-end digital technologies into working programs of disciplines of the physical education university
Bagautdinova N.V., Dikikh E.R. Practices FGOS 3 ++ at the physical university: organization and first results
Bagautdinova N.V., Gushcha S.Yu., Ertman E.G. Training of bachelors for passing of work practice in the course of studying of discipline “Theory and technique of the chosen sport” (on the example of preparation profiles “Speed skating” and “Skiing”)
Bagayev M.V. Influence of the First All-Russian congress of the physical culture, sports and preliminary military training workers on development of Petrograd football
Bagina A.N. Effect of physical training on the formation of sex-role behavior of preschool children aged 4-6
Bagina V.A., Borovkova O.A., Ponimasov O.E., Nikolaev S.V. Features of perception and understanding of aggression and aggressive behavior in society by the students of sports higher school
Baginskaya E.S. Comparative analysis of approaches to understanding the supporting role of the mother in the autonomy of a young child