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Ebzeev M.M. Regionalization and specialization principles of the specialists' training in the field of physical culture and sport
Ebzeev M.M., Semenova F.O. Conflictological competence formation of the future expert in the course of training at higher education institution
Efimov A.A., Bochkovskaya V.L. Factors defining need in use of circular training during occupations with students of technical colleges
Efimov A.A., Sushchenko V.P. Psychology and pedagogical conditions necessary for improvement of physical fitness of boxers - beginners with use of circular training
Efimov V.V., Sharipov A.N., Zelenin L.A. Scientific and methodological technology in the context of functional physical preparation of future officers
Efimov-Komarov V.Yu., Efimova-Komarova L.B., Lebedeva L.F., Perelman M.B. Problems and ways of realization of elective disciplines on physical culture and sports in higher education institution
Efimov-Komarov V.Yu., Karpicheva Yu.V., Nazarenko E.A., Puchkova M.V. Features of curriculum development for physical culture and way of their passing taking into account the state of health and level of physical development of students
Efimova S.V., Ershova N.G., Dytko E.V. To the issue of professional conscience development among pe higher physical education institution students
Efimova S.V., Taran I.I., Bogdanova S.V. Formation of information needs of students in terms of independent work at the University
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Bitkin V.M. Application of the modulus-competent approach to the passing of the educational-methodical course "Olympic education: theory and methodology" by the students of physical culture higher educational institution
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Bitkin V.M. Pedagogical effect of intersubject communications use in the course of the Olympic education of school students
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Brook T.M. Features of the contextual (interdisciplinary) direction in school olympic education
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Kovylin M.M. Efficiency of experimental model of the Olympic education in the conditions of vocational training of physical culture university students
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Kovylin M.M. Formation of valuable orientations of students at realization of model of the Olympic education in the conditions of the higher physical culture and sports education
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Kovylin M.M. Model of the Olympic education in the conditions of modernization of system of professional and pedagogical preparation of students of physical training higher educational institutions
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Kovylin M.M. Olympic education in formation of public cultural and professional competences of bachelors in physical culture higher schools
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Kovylin M.M. Tool functions of the Olympic education in the context of school interdisciplinary approach
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Mukhanova A.V., Shukaeva A.V. Transformation of Olympic values and its impact on the development of the modern Olympic and sports movement according to the estimates of students of universities of physical culture
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Sergeev A.I. The pedagogical technique of formation of students` readiness to self-educational activity in physical culture universities in conditions of Bologna process
Efremenkov K.N., Efremenkova I.A., Sergeev A.I. Transformation of physical education higher schools of Russia in the context of Bologna agreements
Efremenkov K.N., Silkin A.S., Kovylin M. M. Experimental model of the Olympic education in conditions of reformation of the system of higher physical education in Russia
Efremenkova I.A., Bitkin V.M., Efremenkov E.K. The quality of higher education at the bachelor's and master's level at the University of Physical Culture and Sports
Efremenkova I.A., Efremenkov K.N., Kovylin M.M. Socially-pedagogical conditions of effective professional education in the field of physical training during formation of uniform European educational space (experience of the sociological analysis)
Efremenkova I.A., Efremenkov K.N., Kovylin M.M. Sports sponsorship and private investments in the Smolensk region: expert poll of the representatives of heads of the physical culture and sports organizations and business community of Smolensk and Smolensk
Efremenkova I.A., Sergeev A.I. Entrance diagnostics and updating of economic knowledge of students of higher education institution of physical culture
Efremov A.K., Shvachun O.A., Efremov M.A., Shchetinin N.V., Ezhova A.V. Development of flexibility of freestyle wrestlers at sectional lessons at the university
Efremov M.A., Kuzmina O.I., Ezhova A.V., Shvachun O.A., Shchetinin N.V. Improvement of the content of the process of physical training for cadets of educational organizations of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia
Efremov M.A., Sirakovskaya J.V., Ilicheva O.V., Efremov A.K., Ezhova A.V. Special physical training of cadets at Voronezh Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia
Efremov V.V. Analysis of the competitive activity of students of the North-Eastern Federal University in freestyle wrestling
Eganov A.V. Ability to psychologically adjust oneself to the fight influence over judokas fitness characteristics
Eganov A.V., Bykov V.S., Struikhin I.A. Coordination ability of accuracy influence over technical actions performance of athletes, engaged in martial arts sports
Eganov A.V., Chibichik Yu.E. Study of relation of parameter of motor-coordination ability of timeliness of performance of technical action in a duel engaged in sports types of single combats
Eganov A.V., Gorokhov A.V., Martemyanov Yu.G., Yanchik V.V., Halabov A.O. Influence of locomotor function of left-handedness on the parameters of coordination abilities among the navigating cadets, manifested in the conditions of professional activity
Eganov A.V., Maletina E.B., Chemerchey O.A. Aggressive behavior manifested in educational environment and affecting young people's mental health
Eganov V.A., Mironov A.O., Olin S.V. Methodology of training tasks arrangement, associated with the manifestation of coordination abilities, aimed at improvement of performance reliability of technical defensive actions in applied types of martial arts
Egiazaryan A.A., Imenkhoev A.V., Mezhogskih S.L., Fedichkina A.O. Implementation of consciousness and activity principle in physical education in non-sport universities