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Facievich-Slinchenko A.V. Psychologically important qualities of the specialist in the field of physical culture and sports
Fadeev A.S. Pedagogical conditions necessary for increase of efficiency of preparation of fire-fighting crews of military school
Fadeev A.S., Edigarev R.V., Sorokin A.V., Kutsevich O.V., Melnikov E.V. Pedagogical techniques necessary to improve the quality of physical training of cadets in military radio electronics universities
Fadeev A.S., Pronin E.A., Gorobets V.I., Evsikov S.A., Ivchenko V.V., Barlit V.V. Basics of short-distance running training in athletics
Fadeev A.S., Pronin E.A., Maksimov V.N., Shuleva E.M., Gvashev Sh.Yu. Methods of training athletes in weightlifting
Fadeyeva Yu., A., Valeev N.M. Correction of the vertebrate reflex deformations for restoration of the optimum motor stereotype of the circus performers at sports genres
Fakeev M.A. Experimental substantiation of methodology of accelerated formation of psychomotor functions of young hand-to-hand combat athletes
Fakeev M.A. Research of the contribution of indicators of psychomotor functions of young athletes to success of mastering of the techniques in hand-to-hand fight
Fakeev M.A., Mitin E.A. Evaluation of the special physical and technical readiness of the young athletes in hand-to-hand fight taking into account the development of psychomotor functions
Faktor E.A., Dorofeykov V.V., Kiyatkin O.I. Complex evaluation of working capacity of volleyball players
Falaleev A.G. Intercentral correlations at the athletes during runtime of models of training loads within the preparatory period of training
Falaleev A.G. Temporary and peak characteristics of physiological rhythms and their variability at various conditions of an organism of the person
Falaleev A.G. The inter functional links in period of obtaining and loss of "sporting form"
Falaleev A.G., Ashkinazy S.M. Intercentral mutual relations at the athletes in the competitive period of training
Falaleev A.G., Sokolova I.V., Vajnik G.A. Influence of the different volumes of training loads on physiological indicators of the athlete`s organism
Familnikova N.V., Polevshchikov M.M., Rozhentsov V.V. Methods of testing of speed and accuracy in team sports
Farbej V.V. Biathlonists limbering-up considering their psychological peculiarities
Farbej V.V. Experimental check of sequence of elementary training of biathlon disciplines
Farbej V.V. Indication of individual predisposition of athletes for character of competitive activity
Farbej V.V. Level of physical development, physical and functional condition of the qualified athletes specializing in winter kinds of sports
Farbej V.V., Dunaev K.S. Dynamics of the structure of competitive activity of leading world, Europe and Russian winter all-round
Farbej V.V., Dunaev K.S. Experimental research of influence of the training process orientation on increase of the level of biathlonists` readiness
Farbej V.V., Efremova N.A., Diakova L.V. Regulated modes of breathing, as reserves to improve the quality of shooting in biathlon
Farbey V.V. Formation of type of competitive readiness of ski all-rounders at the stages of sports skills development
Farbey V.V. Management of shooting preparation of biathlonists based on application of the technical means with autocontrol of movements
Farbey V.V. Model characteristics of competitive activity's indexes of qualified biathlonists
Farbey V.V. Model of management of the long-term preparation of athletes in the all-around ski system
Farbey V.V. Special mental training and emotional stability in long term training process of winter multiathlonists
Farbey V.V. Structure of competitive activity and special physical readiness of winter polyathlonists with various sports qualification
Farbey V.V., Zhevlakov E.G. Increased shooting efficiency with the application of breathing exercises by biathletes of different types of competitive preparedness
Farbey V.V., Zhevlakov E.G. Influence of breathing exercises on the speed of firing lines by qualified biathletes in the preparatory period
Farbey V.V., Zhevlakov E.G., Kurochkin M.V., Istomin R.A. Application of regulated respiratory regimes in the arming training of biathlonists with different type of competitive preparedness
Farid A., Kudinova V.A. Priority directions for improving the system of management of the development of physical culture and sport in Palestine
Fateev I.A. Training methods for improving rugby player sprinter performance
Fatjanov I.A. Comparative analysis of performance of marathon runners with high qualification in frames of the most important competitions
Fatkulina O.A. Study of training loads of high qualifications ice skaters