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Machkanova E.V. Features of the choice of means of general physical training of boys and girls 17-18 years old
Machkanova E.V., Fedotova A.A. Features of building up the macrocycle for preparing of school-students of 15-17-year-olds to perform at the All-Russian Olympiad on the subject of "Physical education"
Machkanova E.V., Fedotova A.A. Features of preparation of school-students of 9-10 grades to All-Russian Olympiad on the subject "Physical education"
Machkanova E.V., Rubin V.S. Phenomenon of “spontaneity” and “logicality” in setting world records (using the example of long jump)
Machnev A.I. Research of influence of markers of dysplasia and functional relative strength of the muscles on the existence of the diseases of the locomotor apparatus among the young football players with various game roles
Machnev A.I., Lavrenteva D.I. Comparison of bio-impedance body composition analysis of football players and pupils aged 14-15 years old
Machnev A.I., Osadchenko I.V. Comparative analysis of the injuries character and diseases of the young players’ locomotor system in Moscow Club and Premier league
Machnev A.I., Osadchenko I.V. Some diseases of the locomotor apparatus influence on the physical and technical preparedness of young football players aged 14-15 years old
Machula A.F. The development of motor skills and abilities of bullet shooting among cadets
Madzhuga A.G. Scientific substantiation of process of designing the vector-contextual model of person health saving potential
Madzhuga A.G., Agzamov R.R., Hakutdinova S.R., Gilyazitdinova E.U. Framework bases for the strategy of valeological education in modern conditions
Madzhuga A.G., Salimova L.K., Khamidullin A.M. Phenomenology of the synergistic culture of personality in the context of post-non-classical science
Madzhuga A.G., Sinitsina I.A., Gilvanov R.R., Melnikov V.A. Interrelation of the Synergistic, tuning fork and emotional culture of the personality: fractal resonance approach
Maevsky D.P., Kulagina E.V., Proncheva O.K. Analysis of the prospects for the development of tourism in the regions of the Siberian Federal District
Magdic E.A. The potential of physical recreation in optimizing the lifestyle of teenage martial artists
Magdich E.A. Structural and content characteristics of recreational physical culture of the personality of adolescent martial artists
Magomadov R.A. Interrelation of the professional and physical culture and sportive readiness level among the cadets of marine institutions of higher education acquiring marine professions
Magomadov R.A. Motivation peculiarities to professional and physical-sportive activity among the cadets of marine institutions of higher education mastering the sailing professions
Magomedov M.Sh. Experience of studying students' physical activity
Magomedov M.Sh., Betmirzaev A.A. Analysis of patents, author's certificates and databases in the field of physical culture and sports
Magomedov S.A. Salmanovna D.A. Activity approach to vocational training of the master of the pedagogical education
Magomedova T.I., Tskhovrebov A.S. Formation and development of Russian communication skills training of cadets-aliens in the process of working on complex sentence
Mahmood L.H., Mironenko I.N. Self-assessment of abilities to speed-power manifestations of adolescent girls (15–17 years old) in the periods of OMC
Mahmood L.H., Mironenko I.N. Test “double jump-jumping off from a height of 40 cm” to assess explosive and reactive forces
Mahmudova F.A. Morality as a factor of adaptation of the young teacher
Mahov A.S., Bondarenko M.P., Zubarev Yu.A., Karpov V.Yu., Eremin M.V. Football referees physical training problems
Majewski D.P., Kulagina E.V., Gritzai M.A. Implementation of the cluster initiatives in the strategically important branches at the federal districts of the Russian Federation
Majewski D.P., Luchko O.N., Kulagina E.V., Gritzai M.A., Mokeev G.I. Structurally-functional model of the tourism and recreation cluster of Omsk region
Makaridin D.N., Shatilovich L.N., Nazmutdinova V.I., Verkhovtsev K.N. General physical fitness of pupils of Tyumen sports schools in the sports of boxing and wrestling in the aspect of compliance with the norms of the Complex "Ready for Labor and Defense"
Makaridin D.N., Starodubtseva I.V., Zavyalova T.P. Attitude of specialists in the field of physical culture and sports to professional skill competitions
Makarov A.V., Kuzmin A.M. Attitude of students of Ural state University of physical culture to problem of the use and distribution of doping in sports
Makarov J.A. Forming optimal tolerance strategy in professional pedagogical activity
Makarov J.M. Methodological substantiation of a stage of preliminary preparation in sports and games
Makarov J.M., Hussain AL-Taee. Pedagogical design of learning to the personal protective actions taking into account the typological characteristics of basketball players ages 16-18
Makarov J.M., Hussain AL-Taee. Trends to "role" orientation in play activity of basketball players with different qualification
Makarov P.D. Individual specifics of speed and strength preparedness of sportsmen aged 8-12 years old attending Wushu Taolu