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Nabatov A.A. Hypoxemic training: attention to negative sides for mitochondrion’s
Nabiullin R.R., Kudyasheva A.N., Ivanitskaya I.S., Kudyashev N.Kh. Improving the physical and functional state of women aged 30–35 years old on the basis of Scandinavian walking
Naborshchikova Y.V., Plotnikov V.I., Zakirov R.M. Functional control of the training and rehabilitation process of adaptive judo training among young athletes with spinal cord lesion
Nadtochy S.O. The principles and approaches of model’s introduction for formation of linguistic professional competence of experts in tourism sector
Nageikina S.V., Borisova O.A., Boyko A.I., Koldashov A.I. On the issue of improving knowledge of physical culture at the university
Nagmetova N.M. Possibilities of new subject matters in spiritual development of the studying in senior classes at schools of Uzbekistan
Nahodkin V.V. The role of psychological regulatory training in organization of individual program of preparation of archer for competitions
Nakonechnaya L.E., Romanina E.V. Aspects of psychological training of sportswomen of high qualification
Nakonechnaya L.E., Romanina E.V. Impact of the program of individualization of psychological training with taking into account the individual psychological characteristics on the social pedagogical sphere in team
Nakonechnaya L.E., Romanina E.V. Planning of the program of psychological individuation training with regard to individual psychological characteristics in futsal
Naletova N.Yu., Makhankova N.I. Volunteering as a means of socialization and moral development of college students
Naletova N.Yu., Makhankova N.I., Korobtsova E.V. Pedagogical support of the development of socio-cultural identity of students
Naletova N.Yu., Seregina Yu.S. Professional and pedagogical competence of teachers of rural schools on issues of inclusive education
Nalobina A.N. Evaluation methods of adaptation processes among the infants
Nalobina A.N. Influence of physiotherapy sessions on correction of psychomotor development impairment and formation of adaptive processes among the infants with perinatal central nervous system
Nalobina A.N., Stotskaya E.S., Sheina E.V., Reutova J.A., Patyukov A.G. Evolution of infant’s functional system formation by means of factor analysis
Napreenkov A.A, Mikhailov B.A. Physical culture and sports at Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad) State University in the period 1961–1970
Napreenkov A.A. Student`s sport clubs in Saint Petersburg: historical aspect
Napreenkov A.A. Student`s sport in Russia: practice of organization of the first hobby groups
Napreenkov A.A., Mikhailov B.A. Physical culture and sports at Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad) University in the post-war period (1945-1960)
Narain F.H.M., van Zwieten K.J., Lamur K.S., Kosten L., De Munter S., Piskun O.E., Zinkovsky A.V. Locomotion: some bones, joints and muscles of lower leg, ankle and foot in man and in primate “predecessors”
Narodova E.A., Petrova M.M., Alekseeva O.V., Erakhtina E.E., Shnayder N.A. Comparative characteristics of night sleep of school children-athletes and school children not playing sports during the vacation
Narskin A.G., Melnikov S.V., Vrublevsky E.P., Kostjuchenko V.F., Orekhov E.F. Efficiency of use of the vital capacity of lungs at swimmers of various specializations
Narvatov M.I. Main essential characteristics of the model modules of formation and development process for professionally important qualities of maritime universities cadets – future specialists in the operation of marine power plants
Naskalov V.M. Accounting of the condition of atmospheric air for the organization of occupations by physical exercises
Naskalov V.M. Complex approach to the physical education of students
Naskalov V.M. Environmental education in physical education of university students
Naskalov V.M. Features of students physical education classes methodology in ecologically unfavorable environment
Naskalov V.M. Physical training of the students of higher schools at the present stage
Nasretdinov D.M. Personnel management in the hockey club “Neftyanik” in Almetjevsk
Nastas A.E., Stoyanova I.Ya., Brel E.Yu. Psychological factors in quality of life of adolescents with chronic somatic diseases
Nasyrova G.H. Organization to the classes of physical education of students of Kazan state technical university with myopia of different degrees
Nasyrova G.Kh., Sofronova E.M. Determination of the main directions for improving the performance of physical culture and sports and its role in improving the health of students
Naumenko M.V. Application the coach technologies in work with the strategy of manipulative communication of teachers of the system of additional education
Naumenko M.V. Training as form of work on correction of strategy of behavior in the conflict of staff of organizations of additional education
Naumenko M.V. Zavgorodnaya E.G. Features of memory characteristics among the children with musical abilities