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Paderin A.V. Use of information and communication technologies in the university educational process
Pahomov A.A., Ruhljada N.N. Features of internal picture of disease among the women with abnormal menopause
Pahomov A.A., Ruhljada N.N., Bakina N.N., Tchernov D.A. Psychophysiological characteristics of women during menopause
Pakhodnya M.O., Melnikov E.V., Pronin E.A., Sadovnikov V.V., Galunin A.S. Comparative analysis of military-sports all-around and other sports
Pakhomov A.V. Student health preservation in higher educational institutions
Pakhomov A.V., Andriyaschenko E.V., Matveev V.S., Romanov D.A., Matveeva L.A. Pedagogical model of formation of personal physical culture of students
Pakhomov A.V., Chashkova O.Yu. Influence of improperly selected shoe during physical education on different types of injuries in students
Pakhomov A.V., Chashkova O.Yu. Influence of insufficient water consumption during physical education on the psychological state of students
Pakhomov Yu.M., Volkova L.M., Gusarova M.D., Senina Yu.O., Osipova L.F., Yudina I.A. Motivation for physical activity in the context of the formation of competencies in the field of communication of students
Pakhomova A.Yu., Balandin V.A., Chernyshenko Yu.K. Growth rates of specific coordination abilities indicators among 7-year-old children
Palchikova N.Yu., Dobrovolsky S.S. Training high-speed physical actions in efficient environment
Paletsky D.F., Anishchenko E.V. The system approach as the methodological basis of professional-applied training of cadets-students and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Paliy V.I. Features of structure of activities of young athletes in mini-football
Paliy V.I., Sokhlikova V.A. Correlation of individual psychological characteristics of the athlete's personality and effectiveness of his professional activity
Panachev V.D. Oschepkov A.S. Innovation method of the coordinate abilities development of the high school students
Panachev V.D. The formation of the personality in the process of innovational sports activity
Panachev V.D., Panchenko S.L., Kusyakova R.F. Training of the bullet shooting as means of the formation of situational resistance to stress among the higher school students
Panachev V.D., Polyakov M.A. Monitoring researches of physical training cadets and diagnostics of their physical development
Panachev V.D., Syrchikov A.S. Sport and personality: the problems of development of sports culture of the student in the university
Panachev V.S., Syrchikov A.S. Humanization of the athletics education of students
Panchenko I.A., Rudenko G.V. Development of the expert model with mine profile for definition of his professionally important physical qualities
Panchenko I.A., Rudenko G.V. Development of the expert model with mine profile for definition of his professionally important physical qualities
Panchenko I.A., Rudenko G.V. The development of the program for professional training of students of mining specializations
Panchenko I.A., Selyukin D.B. Features of physical, tactical and technical preparedness of young people doing freestyle wrestling
Panchenko I.A., Selyukin D.B. Influence of motivation for sports on the level of general and special phisical preparedness in the students sports
Panchenko P.K. Interval training method for improving the high-speed endurance of track and field sprinters of the 1st category
Panchenko S.L., Panachev V.D. The innovative method of introduction of riflemen into groups of sports perfection
Panchishko O.S. Educational technology develop social qualities of the military department university students in the process of physical training and sports
Panchuk N.S. Competence map as method for assessing knowledge and skills of students of law university (in the context of mastering disciplines in physical culture and sport)
Panchuk N.S. Health problems of university students: means and methods of physical education that contribute to the prevention of certain diseases of future employees of jurisprudence
Panchuk N.S. Pedagogical modeling of formation of the realized relation to health-conscious activity of students of higher school
Panchuk N.S., Kurganova E.V., Martynenko N.V. Scientific and regulatory aspects of physical culture and sport in training specialists for the judicial system
Panchuk N.S., Pashina K.N., Odintsova O.V. Using of visual diagnostic methods to investigate posture problems of future lawyers
Panchuk N.S., Shmyryova N.A. Problem of the formation of health saving responsibility among the students in modern university
Panin E.N., Konoplev V.V., Stebliy T.V. Causes of injuries and restoration of motor functions of brush and fingers of hands of athletes in contact combats
Panin E.N., Yakimovich E.P. Comparative characteristics of the higher education systems of Russia and Australia