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Sabadyr N.V., Sudar V.V. Methodological and organizational features strength-oriented fitness training for men 35-48 years old
Sabirova E.F., Germanov G.N. Age dynamics of relevant motor abilities at participants of competitions in track and field all-round “Shipovka of Young”
Sabirova E.F., Germanov G.N., Korolkov A.N. Factorial structure of sport effectiveness of teenagers and young men aged 10-15 years – participants of All-Russian competitions of school pupils in track and field athletics “Shipovka of young”
Sabirova I.A. Studying of criteria of gun-shooters complex control
Sabirova I.A., Bityutskikh I.V., Yaroshevich I.N., Nasonov A.E., Ilin M.A. Assessment of psychoemotional state of K-1 kickboxers at the stage of direct pre-competition preparation for responsible competitions
Sabirova I.A., Germanov G.N., Chernykh A.V., Sedochenko S.V. Solution influence with a minus oxidation-reduction potential on dynamics of working capacity in shooting sports
Sabirova I.A., Germanov G.N., Kadakova A.V., Lomakin A.A. Individual approach to planning of sports training of girls – shooters from rifle at the age of 15-17 years
Sabirova I.A., Savelyeva Yu.I. Regional segment of scientific and methodological support of sports training, current trends and prospects
Sabirova I.A., Sedochenko S.V., Lomakin A.A. Computer stabiligraphy in the research of statokinetic stability in bullet shooting
Sabirova I.A., Strizhanov A.V., Ilyn M.A. Pedagogical model of formation of readiness of cadets and trainees for performance of exercises of applied shooting
Sabirova I.A., Volodin A.M., Volodin A.A. Features of sports selection of young shooters in different types of the gun program
Sabirova И.А., Bityutskikh I.V. Analysis of competitive activity in the various disciplines of kickboxing
Sabirovа I.A., Germanov G.N., Chernykh A.V., Sedochenko S.V. Modal individualization of the psychological impact in the shooting sports
Sachuk V.S. Comparative analysis of the attitude types among the patients with hemorrhoids and varicose veins of the lower limbs during surgical treatment
Sachuk V.S. Emotially - negative condition of anxiety among the haemorrhoids patients during the surgical treatment
Sadilo M.S., Tyutyukov V.G., Borodin P.V., Kiselev V.Yu., Klimenko V.A., Zakharov A.V. Improving the technique of performing turns of brassist swimmers in the initial period of the educational and training stage of sports training
Sadkov A.N. Fire training of the military students studying in ministry of the interior of Russia universities under the influence of psychophysical state’s indicators
Sadkov A.V., Yakovlev G.A., Strelkov A.A. Olympic education as a means of physical education of young people
Sadovaya S.S. Evaluation of efficiency of different options of additional physical culture education of younger school age children
Sadovayа S.S. Methodical features of use of healthy aerobics in physical education of girls of senior classes
Sadovayа S.S. Methodology of physical education of schoolchildren of senior classes, directed at formation of patriotism
Sadovnikov E.S. Care of ourselves, of others, of the state in the healthy way of life
Sadovnikov E.S. Healthy lifestyle in communications of material implication
Sadovnikov E.S. Systemic mechanisms for the design of sports and health improving technologies
Sadovnikov E.S., Andryushchenko O.E. Optimum of well-being in a healthy way of life
Sadovnikov E.S., Andryushchenko O.E. Subject of health self-concern: the mechanism of development in a healthy way of life
Sadovnikov E.S., Gulyaikhin V.N., Andryushchenko O.E. Healthy way of life of the young people: the mechanism of the thinking activity in the system of self-care
Sadovnikov E.S., Gulyaikhin V.N., Andryushchenko O.E. Healthy way of life of young people: the mechanism of mental activity in the system of self-care
Sadovnikov E.S., Seredina G.E., Svederek N.V., Seredintseva N.V. Mechanisms of forming a system of motivation of youth to a healthy lifestyle
Sadovnikov E.S., Zhegalova M.N., Kutenkov V.Ya., Seredintseva N.V. Individualization and personalization of physical education of students in special medical groups
Sadovnikov V.V. The methods of application of special physical training of cadets of the senior rates of boundary high school to performance of fighting problems in conditions of mountain district
Sadovnikova E.V., Bormosova N.E., Afanasyeva E.G., Bobyleva G.A. Internet as an educational space in higher education institutions
Sadovskiy V.A. Optimization of the locomotive crew’s professional activities by means of physical culture
Sadovskiy V.A. Professional branch physical culture concept for rail transport specialists
Sadovskiy V.A. Psychological and pedagogical conditions of professional physical preparation of students of railway universities
Sadretdinov D.F., Veselova E.I., Chershintseva N.N., Zharikov N.A. Dynamics of results in bell press for men aged 18-19 years old in a year training cycle