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Editorial policy

     Scientific and theoretical journal "Uchenye zapiski universiteta imeni P.F. Lesgafta" publishes original articles on pedagogical (General pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education; Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health and adaptive physical education; Theory and methods of vocational education) and psychological sciences (General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology; Medical psychology; Pedagogical psychology), with elements of scientific novelty and / or practical significance of the study).
     In its activities, the editors follow the basic principles formulated by the Declaration developed by the Association of Scientific Editors and Publishers (ANRI) as a set of ethical principles governing the behavior of editors, editors, reviewers, publishers and authors in the field of scientific publications ( /docs/declaration_anri_2016.pdf).
     The journal is intended for scientists, researchers, teachers, studying at the theoretical and empirical levels the problems of pedagogy, psychology, physical education, sports, health, tourism. The editors of the journal "Uchenye zapiski universiteta imeni P.F. Lesgafta" considers only manuscripts that have not previously been published either in print or in electronic form. All manuscripts are reviewed and edited. The editors reserve the right to reject, reduce and edit articles based on the editorial policy of the journal. Editing is consistent with the author.
    All articles published in the Journal and their metadata are stored in the Russian State Library, the Russian Book Chamber, the NEB, on the publisher’s server and are available in the public domain on the journal’s website.
    The journal distributed by subscription, applications of higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and individuals.
    The journal is published at the expense of the authors.
     Published materials may not reflect the views of the founders, editorial board and editorial staff.
     Article fee not paid to authors