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Rules of registration of articles

Rules of registration of articles in Scientific theory journal

"Uchenye zapiski universiteta imeni P.F. Lesgafta"

General requirements for content
1.   The material proposed for publication must be original, unpublished in other editions.
2.   The material accepted for consideration shall present the scientific, theoretical and experimental work on the issues of pedagogy and psychology, theory and methodology of physical training, sports training, adaptive physical education, theory and methods of vocational education.
3.   The article shall present the completed scientific work, containing scientific novelty and / or practical importance, rationale for the extended position.
4.   The article shall not exceed 8 pages of the author's text (14 pt, 1,5 spacing, including tables and figures).
5 The articles both in Russian and English are accepted for review.
6. The License agreement signed by the author is sent together with the article.
Rules for the manuscript design
I.File of the article shall contain:
1. Per line:
TITLE OF THE ARTICLE - by capital letters.
Name Middle Name Surname, scientific degree, academic status,
Work place, City
Annotation (Not less than five lines) under the heading
Keywords (Keywords)
Tatyana Vadimovna Volosnikova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences,
senior lecturer,
The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
Saint Petersburg
The article analyzes the problem of management of various factors rendering influence on health of the child during sports and health improving activity at preschool institution. The results of research of regulators in management contour of preschool children health have been presented.
Keywords: management of health, sports and health improving activity, children at preschool age, preschool institution.
The article shall have indication of the electronic and postal address for correspondence.
2. The text of the article:
Page Format - A4, portrait orientation. Fields are 2,5 sm for all sides.
Font Times New Roman, font color - black, size 14 points, line spacing - one and a half.
Text Formatting: - any actions with the text are prohibited ("red line", centering, spacing, hyphenation of words, sealing of intervals.).
The presence of figures, formulas and tables are allowed only in case when the usage of textual form is impossible. In this case, each object shall not exceed the specified page size and font recommended is at least 12 points.
It is possible to use only the vertical tables and figures. Tables and figures are attached on separate sheets.Images must have a good distinction. Captions are placed on a separate page. The format of the figure should provide distinctness of rendition of all the details (minimum figure size is 90 -120 mm, Maximum - 130 -200 mm). Illustrations and tables are numbered if their quantity is more than one.
All formulas must be created with application of Microsoft Equation or Mathtype.
The main text needs to be structured with subheadings of relevant sections, for example: INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY, EXPERIMENTAL PART, RESULTS AND THEIR DISCUSSION, CONCLUSIONS, References.
All abbreviations except for the commonly used shall be deciphered.
3. References under the heading "References" shall be located at the end of the article.
The text links are numbered in brackets. It is recommended to use in the original articles no more than 10 references indicating the sources for the past 10 years, for the scientific reviews - no more than 20 sources. The bibliography shall not include the references to unpublished works. All references are numbered in strict alphabetical order.
Foot-notes and endnotes are prohibited.
4. Articles are accepted only by e-mail
Telephone: +7 (921) 893-05-36, E-mail : Chistiakov52@ mail.RU
5. The manuscripts that violate some of these rules are not subject for consideration. Be sure that you have included your postal address (this is private information that is not published) - a copy of all articles will be sent to this address.
6. Copyright fee is not paid. Manuscripts and diskettes are not returned to the authors.