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 Scientific theory journal "Uchenye zapiski universiteta imeni P.F. Lesgafta" enters into the  and editions in which the basic scientific results of the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of  doctor and  candidate of sciences on pedagogics and psychology shall be published. Scientific articles covering the actual issues of pedagogics and psychology are published in journal.
The journal publishes the original materials throwing the light on the problems of  theory and methodology of physical training and sports, sports training, adaptive physical training, medical and biologic and psychological problems of physical training and sports, elite sport, theory and vocational training methodology, scientific researches carrying both experimental and theoretical importance.

It is a little history:

In 2005 the university resumed release of Scientific notes of St. Petersburg State University of physical culture of P.F. Lesgaft.
The beginning of the edition belongs to 1944. The first release was completely devoted to questions of medical physical culture, and professor, the doctor of medical sciences, the head of the department of physiology Alexey Nikolaevich Krestovnikov (nowadays the chair bears his name) was the editor of the collection. Among authors of articles of this release – such outstanding persons, as A.V. Belorusova, E.G. Kotelnikov, G. M. Krakovyak, V. K. Dobrovolsky and, of course, itself Groundsels. Circulation quite big – 3 000 copies.
G. M. Krakovyak, I.M. Koryakovsky, N. I. Tavastsherna were editors of the second release, except Krestovnikov. And authors of articles – K.H. Grantyn, S. V. Yananis, E.A. Kotikova and A.N. Krestovnikov.
Alexey Nikolaevich Krestovnikov was the invariable editor and the author of Scientific notes up to 1949 (the 5th release). Its articles on physiology of sports have especially practical character, they are laconic and are still actual. "… we should study and study still a condition of an organism of athletes that as it is possible to pull together more closely the theory and practice of sports and to arm athletes and trainers with more exact and profound knowledge for the purpose of achievement of the best results by them in the work" – these words can be the motto and present scientists.
In 1949 three releases (3, 4, 5) were published, and from the third release there is a signature stamp "Is approved by the Academic Council of GDOIFK of P.F. Lesgaft". In the fourth release the editorial board was headed by Ya.M. Bogdanov (the outstanding scientist in the field of hygiene of the sports, one of authors of the first textbook on hygiene for institutes of physical culture), and A.N. Krestovnikov, A.Ts. Puni, G.G. Shakhverdov were a part of an editorial board. From the fifth release the edition becomes structurally more difficult, there are sections: "History, theory and technique of physical training", "Medicobiological bases of physical training".
After a long break, only in 1958, release of Scientific notes is resumed the sixth number. A part of an editorial board were associate professor S. D. Sinitsyn (отв. edition), professor E.K. Zhukov, associate professor G. M. Krakovyak, professor A.Ts. Puni, associate professor D. A. Semenov.
Then again there comes a small break in the edition and in 1962 instead of the seventh the first release of "Scientific notes" by GDOIFK of P.F. Lesgaft is published. Right after the XXII congress of CPSU, adoption of the new Party program, perhaps, it was impossible to resist from inclusion in the edition of especially political materials – the political situation dictated. Here articles of the following contents: The CPSU program and problems of the Soviet sports movement, the Moral code of the builder of communism – a basis of sports ethics, Creative development of Lenin national policy in solutions XXII of congress of CPSU, To a question of reduction of the working day in the forthcoming twentieth anniversary, etc.
The eighth number of Scientific notes (1963) published under edition of I.D. Tishchenko, P. I. Pruchansky and R. M. Orlov and under the auspices of Marxism-Leninism chair, has the also especially politized character. Opens release article of associate professors A.A. Kramarenko and T.I. Pomortsev "The congress which has created great party of communists" about the II congress of RSDRP. Almost all materials of the collection are devoted to history CPSU.
The ninth release of Scientific notes (1964) had heading "Research methods in medical and pedagogical control. Questions of sports medicine". The chair of sports medicine of GDOIFK was responsible for the edition, and outstanding scientists were a part of an editorial board in the field of sports pathology and medical physical culture, professors V. K. Dobrovolsky, A.G. Dembo, D. A. Semenov. Articles are devoted to questions of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of injuries and the pathological states which have developed at irrational sports activities.
The tenth release was devoted to the 125th anniversary since the birth of Pyotr Frantsevich Lesgaft, though left in 1965. It included four reports – professors G.G. Shakhverdov and I.D. Strelnikov, the academician V. G. Kasyanenko and the candidate of medical sciences K.I. Mashkara – heard on November 28, 1962 in the Assembly hall of institute at the ceremonial meeting organized in honor of birthday of Lesgaft by institute and the Leningrad society of anatomists, histologists and embryologists.
The eleventh release of Scientific notes (1966) contains works of teachers and graduate students of chair of the theory and history of physical culture. The collection consists of two parts: 1 – Questions of history and sociology of physical culture; 2 – Questions of the theory and technique of physical training. Release by article of associate professor G. D. Harabugi "P.F. Lesgaft's Courses", devoted to the 70 anniversary of institute opens. Works of other authors of the first part of the collection (T.M. Kanevets, A.S. Nikolaeva, K.A. Tsaturova, L.P. Fedorov) sum up some results of development of physical culture in our country in 50 years. M. A. Jacobson gives the critical review of some sociological theories of physical training in the USA.
The second part of release is devoted to a technique of physical training of children of school age (G. F. Shitikova, N. M. Moiseyev), a problem of improvement of the higher sports education (R. Ya. Hentov) and a technique of teaching of weightlifting (S.G. Filanovsky).
Three chairs took part in creation of the twelfth release (1968): Marxism-Leninism, pedagogics, theories and stories of physical culture. As well as the eighth, this release is very politized, here names of some articles: "The principles of the Soviet system of physical training" (G. D. Harabuga), "To a question of the ideological content of physical training" (B. I. Pruchansky), "Increase of a cultural technological level of workers and movement for communistic work" (N. A. Grudzinskaya), etc. Concludes the collection article of the manager of institute library G. N. Verich "A library role in literature promotion on physical training".
Unfortunately, in library of university there are no thirteenth and fourteenth releases of Scientific notes. We will be grateful to the staff of the university who have kept these editions if they present or will allow to copy them.
The fifteenth release (1970) is devoted to the 100 anniversary since the birth of V. I. Lenin. All articles of the collection are certainly devoted to value of Lenin ideas for the theory and practice of physical training. Among authors – V. V. Belorusova, A.B. Gandelsman, R. M. Orlov, N. I. Ponomarev, K.A. Tsaturova, T.M. Kanevets, I.N. Resheten, A.V. Romanova, etc.
The sixteenth release (1972) is devoted to the 75 anniversary of GDOIFK of P.F. Lesgaft. It opens anniversary article of the rector Dmitry Pavlovich Ionov where it is reflected not only higher education institution history, its progress and achievements, but also problem questions are raised. In particular, it is spoken about creation of three problem laboratories, about improvement of material base of institute: "… all of us are in a difficult situation with classroom fund and sports constructions". Then the request for transfer to institute of the former Demidovsky house and the building of road technical school was granted (nowadays the case on Moika, 108), the sports base in Kavgolovo is constructed.
Release included articles G. D. Harabugi, T.M. Kanevets, I.N. Resheten, A.V. Belorusova about Lesgafta and about institute; A.Ts. Puni, S. V. Yananis, G. F. Shitikova, G. P. Ivanova, E.G. Kotelnikova, V. M. Vydrin according to the theory and a technique of physical culture, sports psychology, etc.
For nearly thirty years of the edition in Scientific notes questions of sports education, system of physical education of Pyotr Frantsevich Lesgaft (K.H. Grantyn, B. S. Samotnik) were considered. The theory of sports (K.H. Grantyn), the biomechanic of sports (V. F. Sorokin, D. A. Semenov) was an invariable subject of many releases. V. V. Vasilyeva's devoted to muscular balance of eyes at athletes articles, to gas exchange at women are very informative at ski run (вып. 3) to higher nervous activity research at athletes (вып. 6). Anatomo-fiziologichesky features of children in connection with physical training were considered by G. M. Krakovyak and Yananis (3 вып. ) physical development and a condition of cardiovascular system of the teenagers playing sports – V. V. Vasilyeva, A.F. Koryakina, etc. (4 вып. )  . Questions of sports medicine, medical physical culture, adaptation in sports, sports working capacity are opened in articles A.B. Gandelsmana (вып. 4, 6, 9), V. V. Vasilyeva (вып. 6) V. V. Ikova (вып. 6, 9), A.V. Belorusova (вып. 6, 9). To physiological problems of sports are devoted, except A.N. Krestovnikov, article E.V. Usoltseva, V. V. Vasilyeva, E.V. Kossovska (вып. 4, 5), S. V. Shestkova, V. M. Tkachyova (вып. 4) I.N. Salchenko, M. N. Gunbina (вып. 6).
Many articles are devoted to separate sports: to boxing (N. V. Kukina, E.P. Makuni, R.P. Grachev), gymnastics (O. V. Bormotkin, A.M. Assorov, Ya.M. Bogdanov, G. M. Krakovyak, Z.I. Znamenskaya, F.I. Antonova), skiing (V.A. Voronov, E.M. Matveev), to sports (P. A. Chumakov, Yu.I. Portnykh), to track and field athletics (M. S. Lukin, B. N. Abramov, N. D. Karatayev, A.P. Frolov, V. V. Vasilyeva), hockey (P. S. Samsonov), to swimming (A.F. Koryakina, E.B. Kossovskaya), weightlifting (A.S. Stepanov), to fencing (P.P. Baychenko, I.N. Salchenko), (G. P. Ivanov's) tennis.
Since 2005 the new era in the history of creation of the scientific periodical of our higher education institution begins. "Scientific notes of university of a name of P.F. Lesgaft" – so the scientific-theoretical magazine which is included in the list of the VAK editions is called now. Renewal of the edition of Scientific notes was dated for the 110 anniversary of university. In welcome speech the editor-in-chief – the rector of university prof. V.A. Taymazov – speaks: "I hope, its [magazine] of the page become the real range for discussion of modern problems of physical culture". Leading scientists and teachers of SPb of GUFK publish here the articles.
We hope that the edition of Scientific notes becomes now a good tradition and will be one of the main loud-hailers of science in the field of physical culture, sports, medicobiological problems of sports, other branches of our profile.

Svetlana Kravtsova