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Rules of reviewing of articles

"Uchenye zapiski universiteta imeni P.F. Lesgafta"
General provisions:
1.1 Definition of the reviewed journal The reviewed magazine — is the journal in which all articles coming to editorial office of the magazine, it is represented to the experts who aren't a part of edition on reviewing.
1.2. The edition carries out reviewing of all materials coming to edition corresponding to its subject for the purpose of their expert assessment. All reviewers are recognized specialists in subject of the reviewed materials and have within the last 3 years of the publication on subject of the reviewed article. Reviews are stored in publishing house and in edition of the edition within 5 years.
1.3. Edition of the edition sends to authors of the presented materials of the copy of reviews or motivated refusal, and also undertakes to direct the copy of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation at receipt in edition of the edition of the corresponding inquiry.
The doctor of science reviewing this article, has to be an expert in the field of knowledge, have publications on subject of the reviewed article for the last three years and can't be her author (coauthor). Reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent them are intellectual property of authors and treat the data which aren't subject to disclosure. Reviewers aren't allowed to make the copy of articles for the needs. They shouldn't use knowledge of the content of work before its publication in own interests. The editor-in-chief will coordinate with the reviewer the term of submission of the review in edition. In each separate case it is defined by edition with creation of conditions for the most operational publication of articles.
Order of providing article on the review:
The editor-in-chief sends article to the reviewer, previously having removed from it authors, their academic degree, a rank, a work place, a post and contact information. To authors the reviewer isn't known, and to the reviewer authors of article aren't known. The objective assessment of the reviewed materials is provided to these.
Reviewing of the manuscript has to take place in a confidentiality situation. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in case of the statement for unauthenticity or falsification of materials, in all other cases its preservation is obligatory.
Final provisions
Manuscripts are considered by the editorial board of the magazine (further – an editorial board) reserving the right of reduction and correction of the sent articles (internally reviewing). Examination has the closed character, the review is provided to the author of article by his unsigned letter of inquiry and indications of a surname, a position, a place of work of the reviewer.
The decision on the publication is made by an editorial board of the magazine on the basis of expert estimates of reviewers taking into account compliance of the presented materials of a thematic orientation of the magazine, their scientific importance and relevance.
By results of reviewing article can be:
a) it is rejected.
In case of refusal edition directs to publications of article to the author motivated refusal. Aren't allowed to the publication:
• articles which aren't issued according to requirements of edition which authors refuse technical completion of articles;
• articles which authors don't carry out constructive remarks of the reviewer or it is reasoned don't disprove them.
b) it is returned to the author on completion.
The article adopted to the publication, but needing completion goes to authors with remarks of the reviewer (the review of article). Authors have to make all necessary corrections to a final version of the manuscript and return the corrected text to edition. After completion article is repeatedly reviewed, and edition makes the decision on possibility of the publication. Articles sent to authors for correction have to be returned in edition no later than in 7 calendar days after receiving. Return of article to later terms changes date of the publication.
c) it is accepted to the publication.
The manuscripts accepted to the publication don't come back. The manuscripts which received negative result from the reviewer aren't published and also don't come back to the author. The final decision on adoption of article of the author and its placement in one of the issues of the magazine is accepted at a meeting of an editorial board of the magazine and is approved as the Editor-in-chief. All materials sent to the magazine
The editorial board informs on the made decision of the author on his inquiry. The editorial board directs to the author of article which isn't adopted to the publication by his inquiry motivated refusal together with the review.
Editors don't give information concerning the manuscript (including data on its receiving, the contents, reviewing process, critical remarks of reviewers and a final decision), to anybody, except authors and reviewers.
Reviewers aren't allowed to make the copy manuscripts for the needs and it is forbidden to give part of the manuscript on reviewing to other person without the permission of editors. Reviewers, and also editorial office employees have no right to use knowledge of the content of work before its publication in own interests. Manuscripts are a private property of authors and belong to the data which aren't subject to disclosure.
If the publication of article entailed violation of someone's copyright or the standard standards of scientific ethics, editorial office of the magazine has the right to withdraw the published article.